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Green Tea Powder

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Certified organic Matcha USDA JAS

Superior Culinary

High quality culinary grade matcha. Best used for mixing and blending as an ingredient into your lattes or  baking.

Certified organic maca powder USDA


Eco Heed's ceremonial grade matcha. Suited for traditional preparation where matcha is simply whisked with hot water and enjoyed.

Matcha starter kit - ceremonial grade tin, bamboo whisk, bamboo spoon

Matcha Starter Kit

Get your matcha journey up and running with Eco Heed Matcha Starter Kit 

matcha powder

What Is Matcha?

Matcha green tea powder is the heart of the Japanese way of tea and has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years. Made from stone-ground green tea leaves and is one of the most powerful superfood you can find today!

Eco Heed brings you the finest quality, authentic,  Japanese matcha. Certified organic by JAS and USDA. 

Matcha Accessories 

Make your own matcha tea at home with the right matcha tools. We offer matcha essentials to help you whisk the best matcha every time. Shop for a complete matcha set (ceramic bowl, bamboo whisk, ceramic whisk holder, bamboo scoop & a sifter), starter set, or individual matcha tools such as a whisk, scoop, sifter and electric milk frother. Enjoy knowing how to make this treasured green tea powder into a delicious drink that benefits your mind, body, and soul at your own comfort.

Matcha set

Tami Fields

I am enjoying the whole process of making and drinking this tea. I use a ceremonial whisk to prepare. I can smell the holistic qualities of the incredible tea even before drinking it. I fell energetic and I think drinking this holistic antioxidant tea helps me make more mindful, nutritious food choices as well. Thanks for this wonderful tea. It has become a daily afternoon ritual that I truly enjoy!

Matcha Recipes

Matcha Latte

The best matcha latte


• 1 tsp Organic Eco Matcha
• Any sweetener you choose
•  80 - 100 ml Hot Water
• 1/2 cup Milk of choice (Hot or Cold)


• Spoon the Matcha green tea powder into a mug or cup.
• Add hot water and mix either with a spoon or with a whisk until it is a smooth frothy green paste.
• Froth milk using a milk frother or on the stove then mix with Eco Matcha

Matcha Overnight Oats


• 1 cup oats
• 150ml almond milk
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 80g soya yoghurt (coconut or almond flavour are good in this recipe!)
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tbsp maple syrup
• 1 tsp Eco Matcha powder


• Mix all of the ingredients except from the matcha in a bowl, cover, and put in the fridge overnight or for 2-3 hours minimum.
• Before serving, mix in the matcha powder and also a splash of extra almond milk. Drizzle with some more maple syrup and top with your favourite toppings!
• Enjoy!

Matcha Smoothie


• 1 tsp Organic Eco Matcha
• 1 cup Plain, Nonfat Greek Yogurt
• 1 cup Milk of choice
• 1 cup Ice Cubes
• 1/2 tsp Stevia Extract (or any sweetener)
• 1/2 tsp Almond Flavor
• 1/2 tsp Vanilla Paste


• Place all the ingredients into a powerful blender and blend together until smooth.
• Give it a taste and add more yogurt, Matcha, stevia or vanilla to taste.
• Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then pour to serve

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